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Re: almost dead

  oscars right , we should revel in it today . tomorrow we may be driving , i mean
riding on one of those automated super highways cal trans is dreaming of . safely
guided to our destination by onboard computers . powered by god knows what , no
webers , and , no bertone i'll wager. very un-italian .
 the addiction has me as well . i've seen the numbers dwindle over the years , and ,
believe the italians are gone . not that a new hyena , or a new gtv . or any new car
could ever be as romantic as a dino ,or a moretti . however , a  nice new daliy
driver , in the flavor of a turbo coupe , may be easily adapted to .
 before cad designed , aero , suv mania swept the land .bringing with it the laws
(don't misunderstand , i like laws. well ,  some laws ) , safety regulations , and ,
environmental constraints that forced change on these special cars. when car guys
built by the seat of their collective pants , no wind tunnels , no flow benches ,
just flair , and , experience . these are the things that make our cars so special .
these same rules , and , design methods all but preclude another enzo , carlos , or
pinnin .
 when i read the icd , and , see that other like minded individuals are still
interested in sharing  experiences centered on what's left of these wonderfully
engineered autos . lets just say , i'd hate to see the show called for the lack of
interest . it would be ironic .

best regards ,
randy mangum
'71 124 coupe
'77 scorpion

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