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128's then there was one..

> Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 18:40:56 -0800
> From: Dwight Varnes <xmxbreed@domain.elided>
> Subject: 128s For Sale
> Seems there has been a lot of interest in 128s lately. Just pulled a
> couple of ads from the FLU newsletter for all you guys who just can't
> live another day without one!
> 1974 128 4dr., fender flares & custom paint, not running, $250.
> Located in Ohio. 614-871-9851 after 6pm.
> 1974 128 4dr., 66,000 miles, family owned since new, pea green, some
> extra parts included. Located in Virginia. $500.  804-295-0990
> Hurry, while supplies last!
Sorry to inform you that my 128 sedan (66,000miles in VA) has been sold!
The good news is that the new owner is Don "I can't live without a Fiat"
Robinson.  Can't wait to see what becomes of it!

Ciao, Jim

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