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Searching for DIno

Well, I think I've gone crazy this time, I have decided to consider
buying a Fiat Dino.  I was hoping that someone out there in cyber-land
could enlighten me as to the merits and or strikes  that a Dino may have
since I know virtually nothing about these cars.  I am currently looking
at Dwight's Dino and he has sent me info on it.  I'm going to look into
his car further and see if it is the right one for me.

The things I plan to use this car for include fun weekend family duty. 
I want an Italian car that can seat four  (two carseats currently) and
deliver a resonable amount of comfort for weekend trips and shows.  I
know the rear seat of a Dino is small, but can it hold car seats? How
hard are the parts to get?  Is the V-6 from the Dino compatable with the
Ferrari V-6?  I've heard that the 2.4L version is the better engine than
a 2.0L, any truth to this?  How much does a rebuild cost.  

Finally, does anyone know what a decent price to pay for one of these
things would be.  I'm not afraid of doing work on it, possibly even a
restoration as long as it is all there to start with.

Any leads, informaton and experiences would be welcome.

Brett Melancon
Art Director
Freeman Melancon Bryant Advertising
Knoxville, Tennessee
East Tennessee Italian Car Club, President
91 Alfa Romeo 164S (hauler)
91 Nissan Pathfinder (Family hauler)
81 Fiat X1/9 (RHD, Imported from England on the QE2)
85 Bertone X1/9 (experiment on rust and Italian cars)
96 "Fiat" Lawnmoweropia (12.5hp red convertible)
49 Caddy pedal car (Token American Iron)

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