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tech info concerning shims

   ok all you alfa guys , i am in need of a little information concerning valve
shims . after installing a set of pbs cams , forgetting these are regrinds with
short heals , haven't a shim that even comes close . my shim set goes up to 4.85
, and , found one 5 , but it is 7 thou or so to small . the way i see it , there
are two options . one would be cut the cam towers .  the second is install alfa
shims under the tappet , and , finish the adjustment in the standard fashion .
 so my question is , what is the minimum size available for alfa's . if it's 2 mm
or there abouts , then life is good . if not , well it's off to the machine shop
 any advice from past experience , or suggestions that will lead to a fix will be
greatly appreciated .

randy mangum
'71 124 coupe
'77 scorpion

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