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administrivia: spam attack

it appears that at least one of the lists has made it onto a 
spammer's mailing list. the spammer is using bogus from addresses, 
making it difficult to track down the source.

therefore, i have re-enabled a feature of the exim mail transport 
that we use on the new server, a feature named "sender_verify". 
with sender_verify enabled, exim will refuse to accept email when the 
From: address does resolve in a domain name service lookup (for the 
non-technically minded, if the server gets email from barny@domain.elided, 
it will try to lookup, and if it can't resolve it, it will 
reject the mail.)

unfortunately, some sites on the net have broken domain name service; 
you may have trouble reaching the list in such cases. if you do have 
a problem, let me know at the rwelty@domain.elided address.

the relevance for alfa-digest and bmw-digest subscribers is that 
sender_verify will be in place when these digests move to the new 
server; the alfa-digest is scheduled to move on wednesday the 10th of 
december, in the early afternoon, and the bmw-digest during the first 
week of january.

Richard Welty                          rwelty@domain.elided
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