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Diesel Cherokee

  Hows it Going everyone
     Thanks to everyone for your thoughts on the Italian powered Cherokee.
I did a of research over the last week and was so impressed that I placed an
order today for a new Cherokee.
I got some info on the engine which I will outline for anyone interested.
It is a four cylinder Turbo Diesel made by VM Motori SpA. said to be one of
Europes leading diesel engine developement companys. They were founded in
1947 and produce 60,000 engines annually from its manufacturing plant in
Cento, Italy.
Their latest engine is the Turbotronic, reknowned for reliability,
durability and preformance. It also conforms to European emission
requirements without a cat. converter.The Cherokee has drive by wire
throttle.It incorporates pre-combustion chambers a redesigned turbo and an
intercooler and can produce almost 50 bhp per litre.
 The VM 2.5 Turbotronic engine developes 114 bhp @ 3900rpm and 221 lb ft. of
torque @ 2000 rpm.
Top speed is 103 mph and 0-60 in 13.1 seconds. It returns 29.7 mpg on the
combined cycle and 35.5 on the extra urban cycle.
 A Cherokee fitted with this diesel was driven from the Bologna VM plant to
London on a single tank of diesel achieving 58.4 mpg. 
  The Cherokee has a 60,000 or 3 year warranty so can,t really go that far
wrong and its cheaper than the Jap.(flame/flame) competition. Its a lot more
refined aswell as having a great off road and towing capability. Seems to
make sense.
I let you know how the U.S./Italian hybrid goes. (I think they are made in
Austria !!)
   Cha McCormack
   Fiat Spider 1977   (summer chick magnet)
   Isuzu Trooper 1990 (old friend that has to move on)
   Jeep Cherokee 1998 (In the post) 

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