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Re: Monte Clutch

Simon Taylor asked:

>My Montecarlo's clutch is due for replacement. I have a new clutch for
>it. Looking through the Haynes manual for the Beta, they say you can
>remove the gearbox and bellhousing without engine removal by using or
>making a bracket to support the clutch/bellhousing assembly. Has anyone
>tried this on a Montecarlo? I would hate to make the bracket, unbolt the
>bellhousing then find I can't get the darn thing off...

Really easier to pull the engine and tranny as a unit, then work on it on
the floor.  Removing just the tranny is possible but a real pain.  My 2c.

Ciao,  Ray (Boomer) McNairy,  Member: OF'sCC & CEG

95 GL V-6/MTX, Chip, Koni, Eibach,15" Moda Sports, front X drilled rotors &
carbon pads, SE rear roll bar, SVT airbox Just keeps getting better & better!
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