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[ihc] RE: Travelall chronology and nomenclature

John et al...

Among Travelall afficionados there is a tendency to lump all the '61 - '68's
together as the 'C' series, even that doesn't strictly hew to the specific
model #'s used during that period. Basically, it's because the first of the
series was the Cxxx, which followed the A and B series.

Here's the detailed breakout:

'61/'62 - Cxxx(100, 110, 120, 130, 150)

'63/'64 - Cxxxx(1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1500)

'65 - Dxxxx(you get the idea)

'66 - xxxxA

'67 - xxxxB

'68 - xxxxC

Prior to the A series(IH started off the series designations fresh for the
Golden Jubilee), The L, R, and S series Travelalls shared the same body
shell, differing in the front end sheetmetal and the front door window
size(which changed on all the light line late in the R series). The T-all
were intro'd late in the L series, and had a grille with a bunch of vertical
bars. The R series grille has a single horizontal bar with a big tractor man
logo front and center. L and R fenders/hoods are the same AFAIK. The S
series had different front end bits with the headlights moved up to the top
of a highly crowned fender, and a trapezoidal grille reminiscent of the A

I'm *really* looking forward to starting on my L, R, and S series T-alls,
they're a hoot to drive(I have a few miles in the L so far). I think I've
decided to sell the first R T-all I got and concentrate on the better one.
FWIW, 2 tone on the L/R/S has the smoothest break line of all, since it
follows from the hood line into a creased body line all the way back.


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