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Re: [ihc] Father Daughter project, interesting service supplier

William and Listers,
        To read about another ongoing father/daughter project, read the
thread at the following link:
FYI, the Scout she started with was my first IHC, which I drove for many
years from the 1980s into the mid-1990s when it lost a cam bearing and
burned up the motor while my girlfriend was driving it.  It sat in my
garage, and I gathered a 392 and parts for it, until I decided I wanted a
pickup instead, and sold it to them.  I am glad they are doing something
with it.  It was sold at Bisio Motors originally, and has always resided
within a 50 mile radius of his dealership, and now lives with its fourth
owner.  We hope to see it back on the road the next summer in time for
the Oregon Back Country Discovery Trail.  
        Point of interest:  terryd (starter of the above thread) owns a
company called Bearing Tech, and his business is a bearing supply
company.  He not only sells bearings, he also builds custom bearings, and
can rebuild old bearings with new balls or rollers, heavier-duty ceramic
balls, new or resurfaced races, and so on.  The cost of rebuilding an old
bearing can often be less than the cost of a new one.  He also is a good
resource if the bearing you need is obsolete.  Case in point:  he built a
new tailshaft bearing for our club's Scout II transmission that is
heavier-duty than the original, which is not available new.  He also
rebuilt the one for the our club president's wife's 2WD TravelAll, which
again has an obsolete transmission tailshaft bearing.  He did it in one
day when I was pushing to get the transmission rebuilt for the 2003 NW
Binder RoundUp, and suddenly ran into a snag when all of the bearing
suppliers said they could not get it.  If anyone is interested in Terry's
number, let me know.
-Colin Rush

Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 19:26:09 -0600
From: william cunningham <slypigs@domain.elided>
Subject: [ihc] Father Daughter project
My youngest  daughter finally convinced me to get a Scout as a father 
daughter project.
She has been after me off and on for a while but what really put fuel to 
the fire was my
helping her older sister get into a new used sedan.
So being the dutiful dad that I am I went and bought a 70 or 71 800 B 
with a trashed
Borg Warner auto. It needs some body work, new tranny, and new seats, or 
recover the
I asked her to write down what her dream Scout would do/look like, which 
I am sure will
include paint and a soft top. I have started my own list which will 
involve safety items,
roll gage, 3 point belts, and fire extinguisher. The Scout has an AMC 
232. This weekend
I will make a  tow bar and bring it home so we can see what we are up 
I did *not* need another project, but who could resist a father daughter 
project that
involves IH?
77 SS II

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