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Re: [ihc] diesel trucks

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From: "Steven Stegmann" <steve.stegmann@domain.elided>
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Sent: Monday, August 16, 2004 14:49
Subject: Re: [ihc] diesel trucks

> Two things to remember about letting the engine run.
> 1) If the bearings are already up and floating, you'll
> do a lot more damage with a restart than with 30 min
> of idling (assuming the thing won't overheat in 30 min
> of idling).  Research indicates that 90% of all wear
> inside an engine occurs during the startup cycle.
> Makes me wonder about the hybrid gas/electric cars
> which shut their engines off at stop signs.

Apparently some diesel engines are damaged from extended idle periods.  Most
of the big truck diesels aren't though, same goes for industrial engines.
Since the Nissan motor is a diesel, I let it run as much as possible.  Try
to avoid shutting it down if I can etc.   Need to get the liftgate keyed
right so I can lock the doors.  Make me feel a little better about leaving
it sitting there running.

> 2) These diesels do not burn much fuel when idling,
> really way less than a 3 litre gas engine.
> For reason 1) I do frequently leave them running, even
> with gas engines.  Especially if it really hot or
> cold.  I really hate to turn off the A/C.
> Steve

They don't burn much fuel when going down the road either!  :)


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