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Re: [ihc] Help

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From: "mark stegmann" <truckdriver_1977@domain.elided>
To: "IHdigest" <ihc@domain.elided>
Sent: Saturday, July 17, 2004 02:04
Subject: Re: [ihc] Help

> Why Ryan? I work for the biggest Deere dealer in IL,
> and it's probably one of the biggest 3-4 dealers in
> the US. And if it's just because it's deere. well
> Deere's older & lasted longer, and will outlast Case.
> Sorry, just honestly think that company is headed down
> the drain. And yes, I still like my farmalls better
> than deeres!!!!!!! Fact is, I'm working on buying
> another IH product. All I'll say for now is it's
> another truck and it predates loadstars by a bit.
> Mark

I'm just picking on you ;)

Predates loadstars by a bit eh?  That does narrow it down, and also
indicates a medium duty truck (otherwise I don't believe you'd compare to
loadstars for time reference).

Good luck with it.


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