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Re: [ihc] Gone Postal

Side markers were mandated in 68. The 68 800 has them, as does the 1000C
series pickup and travelall. It may be that the postal scout did not need
them. It's just as likely that the postal scout is a leftover 66 or 67. Only
your lineset ticket knows for sure.

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> Side markers started approximately the same time as the 800B.  800As had
> the round reflectors. I'm not sure how yours got to be with no markers.
> Are you sure the VIN plate hasn't been switched to an earlier chassis?
> I don't recall any mirror setup for no doors;the only ones I remember
> were the ones on the doors and I don't remember that you could buy the
> 800 without doors, although back when the Scout first started, outside
> mirrors were optional.  I suspect they were required by 1971.
> Howard

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