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RE: [ihc] 800 door parts needed

## >> I take my doors off
## >> every summer and re-install the screws with anti-seize.  They
## >> are still
## >> stubborn sometimes even though they are removed and installed twice a
## >> year.  Cote them well and crack them loose often if you ever want to
## >> take the doors off again.

okay, now this raises a question...  why take the entire hinge off?  i don't
understand that.  on our 1971 800A, as well as the '68 800 we had for a
while, the hinge pins come out.  all four on both trucks had wing-nuts on
the threaded end of the hinge-pin.  all we have to do if we want to take the
doors off is take loose the wing-nuts, pull the pins, and off come the
doors.  is this not the recommended method for taking the doors off?  is
there some reason to not remove the pins?


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Krystof "Mac" MacBryghde

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