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[ihc] Scout II 196 Instalation in Scout 800

Very soon, I will be installing 1979 196E in RHD 1967 800.

I plan on using manifold vacuum for wiper motors, in conjunction with vacuum 
canister. I won't bo using the 800 style fuel pump.

Is the oil pumps on 4 cyl 800 the same as Scout II. I'm thinking they are, 
but I will have to change the pick up and the pan for 800 application.

Also, on the later 4 cly just behind fuel pump, there is what appears to be a 
plug installed where the 80/800 style dip stick tube would go. Can I knock 
that plug out with a drift, or is it not a plug, but part of casting?

I'm planning on using Scout 800 Intake Manifold.

I will be using a T-18 and Model 20 Trafercase. Since this Scout is RHD, I 
had to make a custom Hyd Clutch system, since I don't know of any RHD 800 Clutch 
systems. My RHD Hyd conversion served me well for years, but I'm curious if 
sombody is using a Concentric Slave Cyl in an IH Vehical. I'm thinking a 
Concentric Slave would be a way sanitary set up.

Jeff Gruwell

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