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Re: [ihc] Alt question

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From: "Joseph Shaw, II" <josephshaw@domain.elided>
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Sent: Saturday, May 29, 2004 08:07
Subject: [ihc] Alt question

> I know this is frequently discussed, but there are always so many answers
> I never know what the FINAL word is on something like this, so I am asking
> here again.
> If an alternator starts to act up-lights flickering, needle bouncing a
> and then sometimes the needle on the guage goes into the red zone on the
> side, is it about to burn up?
> Any repair option, or simply replace it?
> Thanks!
> Michael

I'm guessing you're talking about that diesel scout.  If it's got power
brakes and thus the vacuum then you really just have to get that one rebuilt
(instead of getting a new one).  If it doesn't have power brakes and is just
a normal alt it may be cheaper.

If you're willing to use them again the place in fayetteville does

When mine was acting up it'd show a discharge until higher rpms when it'd
show a higher charge.  Don't have any experience with what you're talking
about so can't say for certain by any means that you need a new alt though!


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