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Re: [ihc] Alt question

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From: "Joseph Shaw, II" <josephshaw@domain.elided>
To: <ihc@domain.elided>; <oldihc@domain.elided>
Sent: Saturday, May 29, 2004 6:07 AM
Subject: [ihc] Alt question

> I know this is frequently discussed, but there are always so many answers
> I never know what the FINAL word is on something like this, so I am asking
> here again.
> If an alternator starts to act up-lights flickering, needle bouncing a
> and then sometimes the needle on the guage goes into the red zone on the
> side, is it about to burn up?

When that happened to me it was the regulator, that is part of the alt.
It's on a 1310  '72'.  Some one else may have a more specific diagnosis.
Also what year is the vehicle the alt. is in?  Jim A.
> Any repair option, or simply replace it?
> Thanks!
> Michael

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