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Re[2]: [ihc] header gaskets

CMR> -Colin Rush
CMR> One thing that works is to coat both sides of the gasket with Fe-Pro
CMR> Copper high-temperature silicone sealer before assembling the gaskets and
CMR> the headers to the motor.
CMR> I used to think it was a crock, but the sealer
CMR> does not burn or harden.

I can attest to this also.  I used the copper high temp(not sure if
Fel-Pro or Permatex) sealer in place of exhaust donuts with success.
This was with Pontiac 455 exhaust manifolds.  I put on quite a bit
of sealer on the exhaust pipe "cone" flange, let it sit for a while to
skin but still very pliable, then bolted them up.  This  method of
sealing worked on both manifold/pipe junctions for about 10 years.  It
was still working when the car was put out of commission(RIP).


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