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RE: [OLDIHC:] Re: [ihc] wheels again, dual>single conversions?

It seems like that would be hell on wheel bearings, a spacer and all.
Especially on a vehicle meant to carry a heavier load.  I understand
being able to use the same rims and all, it just looks weak to have all
that leverage on the wheelbearings.  


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At 12:27 PM 5/10/04, David Raistrick wrote:

Usually, if the front hubs are for dual wheels, the wheel flange will be
set pretty far out from the drum, and the drum will be mounted on a
spearate flange---or the drum will be different, and have a pretty deep
'hat' section to it--so as to work with the same backing plate as is
with single wheels.

The idea here is to keep the contact patch of the tire/track width in
same place/same width when dual wheels are used instead of singles on

Mounting single wheels on front hubs meant for the deeper backset of
WILL alter the steering geometry and handling to a significant degree.
Thus, not a good idea.


>On Mon, 10 May 2004, Greg Hermann wrote:
>> >The bolt-circle area is a flat section of metal with 6 holes.  The
>> >are chamfered, alternating one in, one out.
>> The word here is 'coined'.
>Ah ha! Thanks.
>> NO idea what these (front ??) wheels are from.
>I've got 5 of these, 4 installed on the corners and 1 spare.  After
>more picture hunting, it looks like these might be the stock 3/4 ton
>You can see the "domed" area on the wheel on this 3/4 ton '61 C-120
>I have to assume that the mounting surface behind this is domed to
>> On at least SOME (the 4x4's for sure) pre- '69 1 tons, IH used dually
>> wheels ONLY on the rear when a truck was equipped with duallys !!
>> the factory, the front ALWAYS came with single type wheels !!
>I have a picture of my truck in '68 with the dual-type wheels installed
>the front:
>Of course, anything can be changed...
>> At least on the 1 ton 4x4's, until '69, IH did NOT provide front hubs
>> the wheel flange further outboard so as to accomodate the deeper
backset of
>> dually wheels ! After '69, they did, but that was also when they
>> to the 8 hole lug pattern on the 1 tons.
>> You haven't said whether your B-130 is a 2x4 or a 4x4, nor have you
>> what size the wheels are. I do have some 17" Budd 6 hole (single)
>> rims around if two of them might help---
>Sorry about that, 2x4, 16" wheels on all the ones I have. (4 single
>on the truck, 4 dual-type wheels off the truck..tires wouldn't even
>about holding air..)
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