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Re: [ihc] B-140 living

It is a big truck, huh?

I have pondered the white top.  Would be advantageous here in the
summer too.

As I was telling Joel F, I wish it looked as good in person as it
does in photos.  Photos over the 'net seem to raise a vehicle's
appearance atleast one grade unless it is in top condition.

I really haven't done much to it.  I sanded, sanded, and sanded some
more after I got it last September, so that I could make it one color
for the neighbors.  Lots of surface rust and body filler to remove.
The filler was done properly, no big dents filled, just little ones.
I'm not restoring it, just making it mechanically sound and looking
decent.  Sourced a matching set of wheels and put some surplus tires
on them.  Didn't even get to sand blast the wheels as I had the set
that came on the truck in the tire shop with the truck on jackstands.
Then found out the wheels weren't servicable and had to go spend an
afternoon in the wind and snow pulling these wheels off an old Dodge
2-ton.  I just dropped the wheels off as is because I needed to get
the truck off the jackstands ASAP.

This truck was worked hard.  The bed is witness to that.  Also the
front cab mounts and the crack in the frame.  The crack was welded
which did not hold up but the large fishplate seems to be sufficing
despite it's looks(atleast it is functional and is on the inside of
the frame rail).

I'm hoping to get the BD264 back together soon.


JG> Wow. Always wondered what my B-102 stepside would look like on steroids. 
JG> Now I know ;)

JG> They look bitchin' with the roof painted white, FWIW.

JG> Mine's dark green as well.

JG> Did I say wow?

JG> Jim

>>Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 11:18:22 -0700
>>From: "ken.dunnington" <ken.dunnington@domain.elided>
>>Subject: [ihc] pic of B140
>>Here's a pic of the B140 as it is now.

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