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RE: [ihc] Light line diesels

I don't think he has a price tag on it, whatever he can get out of it
I'm sure. I think he would tailor the asking price based on who was
asking.  If Glancy called, the price would probably be higher that what
he would quote a local farmer looking at it as a fall service truck for
hauling around fuel to tractors and combines. He hasn't really messed
with it since I hauled it home for him from the auction. 'course there
is no reason to fight a Diesel in this weather if you don't have to.
I'm sure he will wait until the weather is warmer to play with it some

I have no financial interest in it.  I would like to see a Digester own
it.  If anyone wants Darrel's number, let me know.  I have one picture
of it if anyone is interested.

My real hope is that he will get tired of looking at it and offer it to
me cheap just to move it off his lot.

I'm no sure how functional it would be as it sits.  Might have to
re-gear to get some more speed out of it.  My memory is fuzzy as to what
RPMs related to what road speed.  It seemed to be a T-98 if I remember
correctly.  Seems like the rear end was 4.09.  I don't know what
operating range would be on a Perkins.   

Some rubbing compound and it would be a darn sharp truck.


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 It is for sale and the truck is pretty sharp, straight, no
> rust, good paint.
> Ed

I remember when you mentioned this truck previously, what did he end up
deciding he wanted for the thing?   Just curious...


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