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Re: [ihc] Eldon

---Alright man. Give me a break! Like a child running to ask Mom after Dad
says no. I am not selling my IH and I am not even going to consider letting
the H go. I dragged that thing in and out of a 4' drainage ditch with the
Scout to rescue it from a thief. I drove to Michigan and payed to have it
trailered back to Alabama and wasted gas money on an extra 300-400#s of
weight due to the rear tires being filled with sodium _____. LOL.

---Even in my present fine financial state, I wouldn't sell either one of my
IHs. They have a sort of semi-mental value to me. Besides, the Scout is just
having a temper tantrum because I was paying more attention to the
Ditchfinder. I am sure that if I get physical with her some more, she will
forgive me and we will be back to our normal relationship... unless she is
upset because she wants to move back up North. Then it will be at least 3
years before she will be happy again.

---Glad to hear that Eldon is doing well.

---Thank you,
-`73 Scout II (StoneThrower)
-`51 Farmall H (Heinz)
-`49 IH fridge (presently unnamed and in need of a compressor)
-`49 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4-door Sedan (Papapalooza)

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From: "mark stegmann" <truckdriver_1977@domain.elided>
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Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2003 10:04 PM
Subject: [ihc] Eldon

> hey boys & girls,
> I just talked to Eldon McFarling for a while. He's
> doing fine, in OK, just about in TX. He said to tell
> everyone hey.
> Mark
> Tom, he said that if you give the IHs up, that I
> should definately get your H.

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