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RE: [ihc] IH Garand rifle?

IH made about half a million M1 Garands between '53 and '54, so the one on
auction could be authentic.

I echo the sentiment re: Veteran's Day. "Freedom isn't free." So thanks to
all who fought for, and kept it possible.

-John A.

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Hey all, I know there are some IH arms collectors out there. Somebody posted
link on the BB about an IH Garand. I went to the auction listing at
This is supposed to be a verified IH Garand, but they're saying it has a
date of 1954. I 'thought' that the IH rifles were WWII period, and not many
were made at that. Knowing that SOMEBODY on here has the definitive answer
is this a for sure real IH Garand built in 1954 by IH, or is it a piece
assembled by somebody else from IH marked parts? FWIW, if it tickles your
fancy go ahead and bid, no interest in buying it on this end!
And, on the note of IH Garands, I hope all of the vets on the Digest had a
splendid Veteran's Day. A lot of us do appreciate what you guys went through
so we can enjoy the hobbies and interests we all have. Thanks!
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