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---I had made mention of USF Freightways once before, when I was discussing
the shipping of a transmission (300# dry) from Chicago to Alabama. It was
said to me by customer service that it would run $80 dropped off at
residential door. I wouldn't call them inexpensive, but you can check their
site or call them and get a quote. If it is automotive parts, I think that
is class #85. I don't remember, never could be for sure what class, but IIRC
it is. What makes a difference, is how many times they have to change hands,
there is about 6 different branches of the company throughout the US and
each one handles a specific region. Check out their site www.usfc.com

---Thank you,
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> Hi guys, Anyone remember the name  of that inexpensive shipping company?
> I have to ship from Sun Diego to Colorado and the box is oversized and
> 100# plus.   That or I drive it out there.  Ken

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