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[ihc] IHC Digest Advertisers: regular posting

[changed 1/20/2002]

The following advertisers support the IHC Digest; when planning your
purchases, please consider them:

Averill Park Networking
        Linux, Unix, OpenBSD, Network Engineering, Software Development
        rwelty@domain.elided                         518-573-7592

Super Scout Specialists		http://www.superscoutspecialists.com/
     	937-525-0000		Fax:	937-525-9782

Old IHC Parts Warehouse		http://www.ihcparts.com/
	281-999-0191		Fax:	281-999-1040

Binder Bulletin			http://www.binderbulletin.org/

Binder Books				503-684-2024
http://www.binderbooks.com/	 Fax:	503-684-3990

Back Country Binders		http://www.backcountrybinders.com/
	<john@domain.elided>	360-377-4979

For information on how to support the digest with advertising, contact
Richard Welty, rwelty@domain.elided

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