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Re: Reality check

He won a Pulitzer for A Bell for Adano..  I think?

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From: "John Hofstetter" <hofs@domain.elided>
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Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2039 3:00 PM
Subject: Reality check

> Well, I haven't checked my e-mail for a day now, but when I last did, no
> had called me on my novel-author piece of entrapment.
> Now, guys, I wasn't checking on the literacy level of the digesters, it's
> obvious that most of you can read. <g>  I was checking to see if anyone
> reads my overly long off-topic posts.
> Now, our Ryan is too young to know about Ernest Hemingway, but a bunch of
> you not-so-youngs know that he wrote, "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and your
> lack of telling me about it can only mean that I have finally lost my
> audience.
> OK, so what novel did first make John Hersey famous?
> The first person with the correct answer gets a free entrance pass to the
> Nationals.
> That reminds me that I need to get my reservation in for the factory tour.
> Anybody have a Travelall glove box lock with a working key? I'm going to
> need one.
> John Hofstetter

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