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Re: Ogle

Please allow a clarification of a comparison that was made.

"The Reliant Scimitar (a sporty GT with station-wagon like details, kinda
like the last Volvo P1800s and Jensen-Healeys)..." 

I think the writer meant the Volvo 1800ES and the Jensen GT. Only the very
first series Volvo 1800s were P1800 models, and only came as coupe's.
Coincidently, these cars were partially built by Jensen, in West Bromwich,
U.K. The Jensen GT was the last version of the car that started out as the
Jensen-Healey. However, it did not carry the Healey name, as Donald Healey
had left Jensen and the company no longer had the right to use his name.

Paul Rollins
Vancouver, WA

'72 Fiat 850
'82 Alfa Spider
'58 Alfa Guillieta Spider
Jensen Interceptor
Jensen-Healey (wife's)
Vespa P200E
Assorted other Brit and German cars and bikes

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