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RE: Mixture Gauge.

	>If used on a carburetted engine, the gimmick could give you a
> >verification that the carb/engine is working the same way it did
> >after your last proper dyno tuneup. The clue will be to look for 
> >changing behaviour though, and not any hard figures.
> i've got a carbed alfa spider (48 mm dellortos).  i was told i'd never
> get it running properly with carbs that large (the largest recommended
> carb for a 2 liter spider is 45 mm), and for years myself and my
> mechanic could only get it close.
> a couple of years ago his dyno guy mentioned that he was using the o2
> sensor and gauge to dial in motors faster, and that *just* on the lean
> side of stoch always gave the best results.
> on that advice i installed a sensor and gauge in my spider, took it
> down to a local garage to put it on their equipment (to make sure the
> gauge was giving accurate readings), and was able to jet the carbs
> properly in short order.
> i do look for hard numbers from the gauge, and use it to get things
> close under changing temp/humidity conditions, although i'm not a good
> enough driver to notice any real difference.
> i wouldn't say it's a gimmick, or that the numbers on the gauge are
> meaningless.  my only complaint is that the gauge is hard to read on
> sunny days in an open top car.
> bs

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