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Spotting Fiats at 60mph

Well, it doesn't happen much anymore, but my ever-roving eyes spotted a
Fiat in the weeds today. Glad to know I'm not out of shape in this

I debated on turning around for a look. After all, if I stop and look at
it I'll have the urge to buy it, right? And it was on the fringe of a
run-down old used car lot, so it has to be for sale. But I stopped
anyway, because my 60mph glance told me it had the small bumpers on it.

Turns out it is the weirdo 1974 model. One of the rear bumpers was
missing, the other had a rust hole. The front one was pretty good,
except for a minor dent. That's pretty much the only good thing on the
car. It was last inspected in 1994, and then it was probably a stretch.
Man, I haven't seen a car so rusty since I torched my first one in two
to get rid of it. The top hadn't had a rear window in it for years, it
had the wrong seats and a dash with a "Spider 2000" logo on the
glovebox. Drivetrain was still there, but who needs those? Dismal.
Depressing. Very sorry I stopped. 

Anyone looking for a parts car...well, you've been warned. It's along
route 422 between Myerstown and Robesonia, PA. I wouldn't give more than
$50 for it, and that's if I had a trailer I didn't have to rent to haul
it out of there.

Dwight Varnes
1970 124 Spider, an amateur restoration still not quite finished
7 spider parts cars over the years

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