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Scorpion offered for sale

1976 Scorpion for sale: complete car inluding many spare parts, runs and
drives. 4-2-1 header, cams, dual Webers, oz wheels (4), OE wheels(2),
new OE top straps, thermostatically controlled dual filter oil cooler,
some spare sheet metal, interior parts and trim included. Windshield
bad, floor, doors, fenders rusty but shock towers OK.
This car was described by Damon Kane in early December in ICD. Enquiries
went unanswered and sale was delayed when unanticipated business demands
necessitated seller being in Asia from 21 Dec to 28 Jan. Originally
offered at $800, seller now asks interested parties to submit any offer
over $400. The car will be sold on or before 28 Feb to the highest
bidder, or offer $800 and take it now. 
				David W. King
				Hilton Head, SC
				803 671-7322

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