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Re: Fiat FreakOut '98 info, July 31-Aug 3

The date for this years event is July 31ľAugust 3, at Fontana Village
Resort in NC.

The rooms and several cabins have been reserved at Fontana Village for
those who plan to make the journey down the Dragons Tail (hwy 28) to
Fontana. More information will be made available regarding Fontana
Village in the next issue of Ricambi (if you can't wait till then, call
Fontana Village at 1-800-849-2258 for more info, mention the freak
Out).  I must stress to everyone that lodging will be somewhat limited
and early reservations will be needed if you or your family plan to stay
longer than the FFO weekend as many of you have indicated.

We currently have in the works, several of FFO '98 related projects that
will help to promote this fantastic event.  Fiat related vendors have
gotten a letter explaining several of the opportunities that will be
available to them for this years Freak Out.  We have gotten some
responses to the letter and they have been very positive.  Included in
the letter was an agenda and questionnaire asking for useful input in
regards to the vendor participation.  It is our hopes that vendors will
have an unprecedented opportunity to display their wares while
supporting their club.  John and I will be actively seeking input in
this and other areas.

Those of you with web access will be able to keep up-to-date via
the web site once it is finished.  John and I will also be accessible to
those on the web using e-mail, feel free to send suggestions and forward
questions for those who may be web impaired.

Feel free to contact me regarding this event for information and keep
you eyes peeled for new bits of info as they happen.
Brett Melancon
Art Director
Freeman Melancon Bryant Advertising
Knoxville, Tennessee
East Tennessee Italian Car Club, President
91 Alfa Romeo 164S (hauler)
91 Nissan Pathfinder (Family hauler)
81 Fiat X1/9 (RHD, Imported from England on the QE2)
85 Bertone X1/9 (experiment on rust and Italian cars)
96 "Fiat" Lawnmoweropia (12.5hp red convertible)
49 Caddy pedal car (Token American Iron)

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