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Re: italian-cars-digest V7 #35

Dwight wrote:

>As for the performance stuff, it is far too easy to spend $2000 on an
>engine for your Fiat that will still not give you a 5.0 Mustang 0-60
>time. Spend that same amount of money on the Mustang, and you'll really
>be shaving some time off that run. It's a simple American thing that V8s
>are the preferred way to go fast, and everything is readily available.

And how much do you have to spend on a Rustang to make it keep up
with a standard sports I-car on a twisted and narrow country

One difference is the definition of "going fast".

In USA, it seems to mean how to spend the least time on the first 1/4 
mile of a straight stretch of road. It really doesn't count that you 
have to give the car a 5 mile advance warning about any upcoming turns.

In Italy it seems to mean how to get from A to B in the shortest amount
of time. Disregarding how many sharp turns, narrow passages, gravel
roads, chicken and Mustangs may be inbetween A and B.

>If you really want to hear complaining, ask me about speed parts for
>Audi 5 cylinders.  :)

If you ever wonder what Quattro means it means 4, and is the price
multiplier factor.

einarp@domain.elided  ( Maserati Biturbo Spyder )

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