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Re: 2 liter Oilpan removal


>>I took a look at the Brookland's shop manual and it calls for unbolting the
>>motor mounts through a hole in the underside the crossmember and then
>>unbolting the crossmember from the subframe in order to raise the engine so
>>the oilpan will clear the crossmember.
You don't need to unbolt the crossmember.  just unbolt the engine mounts and
lift the engine with a jack.  I put it under the tranny bellhousing, may not
be the best of things, but it worked...
You need to unbolt the pan, which will fall down ~3 inches at the front.
then you have to unbolt the 2 13mm oilpump bolts, so the pump falls into the
pan, and lets the pan slide out toward the front.  Small hands are an advantage!

>>The other day while I was installing my 1" swaybar, I took a look at the
>>oilpan and it looks like something is blocking access to the rear bolts on
>>the pan. I tried to see if I could get to them with a socket or wrench but I
>>couldn't get to them.
>>I can't remember what it is but seems like it was somekind of shield.
It is a shield for the bellhousing.  it attaches with 2 13mm and 2 10mm
bolts to the bellhousing, should be no problem to remove it.
Good Luck,

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