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Yugo Bargains...

Well, we (my cohort in insanity) and I picked up a very straight Yugo this
past summer for a pittance.  By pittance, I mean a straight car, fairly
nasty interior but not hit, small amount of rust bubbles on one fender, for
$50.  It had a broken timing belt and lord knows what else, but there you go.

Another $150 got us a Strada engine to drop in it's place.  By the way, some
Yugos used heads that'll bolt right onto the Strada engine and bump up the
compression, then the head bolt size was changed.  Ours (of course) was not
the right one, so off I went to the you-pull-it junkyard.  A dozen Yugos to
pull from.  And, after pulling the head and lugging it up to the office, the
guy asked what it was for, and laughed when I told him a Yugo, so the head
was a mere $25.  

Grassroots Motorsports magazine had a feature recently on a fast Yugo
someone had built, and it was good to see we were following the same
formula.  Very interesting article....

Paul Witek
Shemp Mo-Din Italian Motorsports

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