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RE: Stud Conversion

Gemery <Gemery@domain.elided> wrote:

>What a straight-line for a subject!
>So who has converted their Fiat/Lancia wheel bolts to studs?  Who has kits?
>And who have done their own with all-thread cut to size?  What pitfalls should
>I avoid?

Advance Auto parts here in the Southeastern US sells them. I got a set but
they are for a BMW or VW. They are the "other" thread pitch. I think Fiat's
use a course thread while the other's use a finer thread (or the other way

It took forever to get and when they finally arrived they were for a BMW! I
was so mad I just kept them.

After thinking about it, I decided I probably wouldn't use them anyway
because they are just like anything else like that. Such as the exhaust
manifold studs. When you remove the bolts they just screw out with the nut.

I've heard of people use locktite to hold them into the hubs but looks like
that stuff would break loose over time.

Personally I don't think they are worth the trouble.


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