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Yugo Values

Anyone know what used Yugo prices run ?

There's a 3door that showed up at a local dealer last
weekend and, cosmetically, it's in great shape.  I have
yet to hear it run. It's a manual, no idea what size
engine is in it. 

Parts are relatively inexpensive and I could
probably draw the majority of high dollar ones
(starter, alternator, cyl head) from my X1/9 stash.

I'm looking for a cheap, familiar driver to get me
to the parts store when my daily is down- and
maybe last me untill the Barchetta is back in the 
US or until I can scrape up the money for that Stratos

Just wondering because I suspect that these cars
have next to no resale value and if I could pick it
up for short money I see no problem.

And I do happen to have a torn down X1/9 1500
and a snappy set of 14x6 Momos from a Beta...
Slap a nice scorpion in place of the "Y" on the
hood and that would do it!

Wondering again,

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