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Re: italian-cars-digest V7 #33

> Subject: 124 Suspension woes
> Well, after installing International Auto performance springs and KYB
> GR-2 shocks in my '72 124 Sport Coupe, the thing rides really rough.  I
> figured the KYBs would be tamer than Konis and give a better ride.

 i to have encounter this problem in the past, and, kyb's seem to soften after a
few thousand miles ( acutally i was hoping they wouldn't, i like firm as a matter
of personal taste ). so if you keep your teeth together for a few months, i think
you'll be fine. the difference between koni, and, kyb, is in the
construction/design. they both will keep tires planted on the road to a similar
degree. the koni's do it with control, the kyb's do it with a high pressure gas
cartridge, and, restrictive valving. the cliche "you get what you pay for"
definitely applies here.

best regards,
randy mangum
'71 124 coupe
'77 lancia scorpion

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