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Re: HP increase update


>I haven't decided to go with 7.1:1 pistons (he sells these to) and run a
>higher boost (with incredible turbolag) and get more HP or stay with the
>stock pistons and run a lower boost. I'll have to decide on this.
I recommend you use the stock compression ratio if you want more
driveability and economy, and the lower one if you prefer top boost and high
With the lower compression the engine will be lethargic without boost, and
for every small incline on the road you will have to get into boost, which
destroys fuel economy, and sometimes driveability.
Prime example is the turbo Volvo, where the early examples had a CR of
7.5:1, but needed boost to go down the highway at 75 mph!!  Needless to say
fuel economy wasn't good.  Later turbo Volvos had a CR of 9:1.
Also you might consider and intercooler.  Turbo Saabs have a nice compact
unit that might fit in the Spider engine compartment.

>I finally found a knock sensor to protect the engine that will work with my
>ignition system. It's made by a company called J & S. It's about $400 but
>it's cheaper than running the risk of detonation.
$400!!!  Wow!!  Why not use a stock system from some other car??  There are
plenty of them around.
Your project sounds really interesting, keep us posted!

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