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Re: italian-cars-digest V7 #29 Pinion seal replacement

    I know it sounds bad (just drink another beer...) but on my F Prod
124 Spider (early "hogs head" type differential), just disconnect the
driveshaft from the pinion yoke, using a pin punch index the relative
location of the yoke to the pinion shaft TO THE SECURING NUT, loosen the
nut, pull the yoke, replace the seal (drain the diff if you don't want a
mess at this stage) reinstall the yoke and tighten the nut ONLY tight
enough for the marks to line up using blue loctite or some other thread
locking solution. This procedure, if done without over tightening the
pinion securing nut, will not disturb the collapsable spacer or the
depth of the pinion gear, then, drink a beer!      -Peter Krause

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