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Pulling Brakes

A few months back, there was a thread about problems with a Spider that 
pulled hard to one side.  Recently, I made an interesting discovery 
that may explain this problem, in some cases.  The 124 Spiders have a 
switch to warn the driver if either the front or rear brake circuit 
fails.  This switch is located on the left inner fender below the 
master cylinder and is connected to the rear and left front brake line. 
 With time, the switch rusts inside just like the master cylinder.  
Normally, the outcome is just a non-functioning switch, which would go 
unnoticed excepting brake failure.  However, on one such switch, flow 
to the left front brake was completely restricted.  As this switch is 
connected to only the left front brake line and not to the right, 
pulling to the right would result.  Hope this may help others with 
chronic brake problems.

Mark Rawlings

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