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FIAT fuel injection

I'm about to tear into the FI system in our 1981 Turbo 2000; we're getting 
persistent drips of fuel from the #1 and #2 injectors. My guess is that 
the short rubber hoses that come from the rail to the injectors
need to be replaced - they're original, and the car has 130K miles on it now.

It would appear that the right way to attack this is to remove
the injectors and fuel rail as a unit, and do the replacement on the bench.
I certainly can't see any easy way to do it in the car. I have
the factory manual but haven't looked at it carefully yet ... anyone
have words of wisdom about this? Any gotchas?

While I have them out, is there any maintenance that should be
performed on the injectors? Any seals to replace? As far as I
know, these are the original units...

(Turbo manifold comes in a week or two, once I finish this
side of the engine.)

Please respond by mail; I'm not urrently on the i-c mailing list.


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