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Cam cover saga cont'd.

The consensus is I'm somewhat wrong on the timing cover issue (aluminum 
vs. plastic). I know my 73 Sport coupe had a yellow timing cover, and I 
think I erroneously assumed it was aluminum because it wasn't the same 
ugly color yellow as the plastic X1/9 ones I've had. (Not that the Case 
forklift yellow on the 124 ones is any more attractive).
But, the first ones were not plastic!
Thanks for giving some clarification as well on the shifter issue. It did 
mention something about lever height, but it isn't clear what it was 
referring to.

BTW, for any X1/9 owners out there, I have a Yugo belt cover for a 128 or 
X1/9 that has been 'desmogged' and doesn't want to use the cover with the 
extension for the air pump. The Yugo one is red. It is for sale cheap!

Dwight Varnes
blast this Win95! Still no sig. file
1970 124 Spider
1967 Fiat Dino Coupe

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