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Re: x 1/9 flat balck trim

> Any suggestions out there on X 1/9 trim?   The bumpers, etc. have overspray
> from previous owners  re-paint  and I'd like to clean them up.    How about
> flat black paint?   Any suggestions out there?

I've just gone through this on my X. The body shop painted them gloss 
black for me. I was quite worried about this but now I'm pleased with 
the result. They did the same to the engine cover.

An alternative is a special flexible spray paint that is made for 
painting rubber bumpers. I bought a spray can of this to spray trim 
such as the door armrests and virtually anything black. It's a matte 
finish and came up very nicely. (Bought it at the local car shop for 
about $12Au ~$8US)

A trick to make the arm rests look great... if they're like mine 
they had a stripe running along them with a silver finish that was 
looking awful. Pull the stripe out of the armrest and carefully peel 
off the silver coating layer and the resulting black strip looks 
brand new. (Careful though... some strips are clear plastic 
underneath the silver coating so this won't work).


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