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re: Lancia wheels on X1/9

Daniel Roach in an attempt to increase his g forces asked:
>>Anyone out there know if Lancia 14" wheels will fix on a stock X?  (A 
>>of Lancia wheels, apparently 14X6 have surfaced, though I have yet to 
>>see them)
>>Bolt pattern the same?

Yup. Beta wheels are the same bolt pattern and will fit the X1/9 no 

>>If they do fit is it worth the trouble and expense to get the 50 series
>>tires that I think you'd need to fit ?

185-60-14 tires fit...very close to the lower spring perch, but nothing a 
few whacks with a hammer can't fix. Jim Manbeck's turbo X1/9 had this 
very setup and it drove beautifully.

Dwight Varnes
70 124 Spider
67 Fiat Dino Coupe
sig file problems persist

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