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RE: Foggy X1/9 console

>I've got a spare X1/9 instrument panel with a foggy plastic cover (looks like
>mildew).  Tried soap and water, windex and other diluted household cleaners.
>Any other advise on removing this stuff and not destroying visibility?

 Hi Cesare,

 If the 'fog' is on the outer surface of the cover you can try some Visor 
Cleaner, used to be available from Motorcycle stores a few years back (in Aust). 
it's basically a fine grit polish designed to take scratches out of perspex. If 
you can't find it, try car polish - but not a heavy cut type.

 If it's through the whole depth of the perspex (as was the case with a 127 I 
worked on recently) then no matter how hard you rub - you won't get the fog out. 
I fixed the view of the 127's instruments by cutting discs from an old number 
plate cover. For an X this is not so easy as the cover is curved, but you may be 
able to find someone who can cut & bend perspex to shape. All you've got to do 
then is drill the appropriate holes and glue the new cover in place of the of 
one. Good luck with whichever way you have to go.

BTW - perspex number plate covers are now illegal in NSW. The reason - they can 
obscure your rego number when you're caught in a red light or speed camera !

 Ciao Ian
Vice President & X1/9 Registrar
FIAT Club of NSW

On the 'net at home at last since the email Nazi stopped me subscribing to the 
icd at work! Geez it takes a long time to catch up.

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