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Impending I-car media event alert!

Saw this at

"Italy's Leading Coachbuilders Unveil Six Exotic New Designs
 These Italian concept cars will be hot new design ideas from the likes
 of Ferrari and Lamborghini. Although these cars are not for sale, the
 "futuristic" ideas that the automakers present each year help gauge
 people's reaction to the newest thinking in automotive designs. Tune in
 to see the unveiling of these exciting and radical designs." 

This is scheduled for live Internet broadcast on Tuesday, Jan. 6
(tomorrow!) at 11:30-1:00PM PST.  Unfortunately, you might need Netshow to see
it, and this only runs under Internet Explorer 4.0 (maybe even only on
Windows 95 machines). Presumably this is tied to the autoshow; the video
might be available using other streaming formats at

Sorry if someone's already posted this, I just got back from holidays
and am behind in my email.  (BTW, my US flight from California had a
nice Discovery Channel show on classic Ferraris.)

- David


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