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re: 124 coils

Somebody whose name I inadvertently clipped wrote:
Any suggestions as to a higher performance coil for a '74 124 Spider?  I
have the Crane base electronic ignition (no more points)and had a Bosch
"blue" coil, which I just replaced with a Accel performance coil (their
upgraded, supposedly, coil but not a racing coil.)  Any suggestions,
does it really make a difference, etc.?  Thanks, all.

The Bosch blue coil is plenty fine for stock or near stock engines. The 
Accel stuff is (sorry) a waste of $$$ IMHO. I spent several years behind 
the counter of a speed shop and was seriously unimpressed with pretty 
much anything Accel made, except perhaps the big yellow Super Coil. I 
think there's far more to be gained from decent plugs and better wires. 
By using the Crane ignition you've already done the most important 

Dwight Varnes
1970 124 Spider and several other cars, some even worthy

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