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Fiat links (DNS time out etc)

Sorry for the off-topic (non-i-car content) followup, but the DNS timeouts
may be
caused by the local ISP DNS server overload (read too many subscribers on at 
that time).  When it happens, I switch to my other ISP, or have my dinner :-)


>>Yesterday I had a bunch of trouble trying to use the links on Marc
>>Kloosterman's page, so I emailed him to see if he knew what was going
>>on. He replied that he'd gone out and tried, and he couldn't even get
>>onto the site. In the meantime, I tried again, and had no trouble at
>Probably a glitch of the Net, because I couldn't get into -any- of my sites
(2, plus 2 mirrors). As a matter of fact, I got weird errors on other sites
aswell (DNS name lookup failure, etc).
>>So today I sent him a message saying all was well...and then my server
>>bounced that email back, telling me that Marc's address was inoperable,
>>invalid and/or unknown.
>Strange! I wonder if this has ever happened before!

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