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Search for hubs that fit a FIAT 132

Hi All,

I hope some FIAT parts expert can field this question.

I've got some spindles from a FIAT 132, and I was told that 124 hubs
and bearings may fit.  The outer bearing (nearest the axle nut) race
on the spindle is the same on both, however the inner bearing race 
is 6 mm bigger in diameter on the 132 (32 mm vs. 26 mm).  Is it 
possible that the 132 uses the same hub (FIAT casting no. 08658) but
with a different inner bearing?

If, as I'm assuming, the 124 hub is different, what else will fit on
a 132 spindle?  Will a 131 hub fit?  As far as I know, 132 were never
imported into the US.  Also, if the 124 hubs don't fit, I have a pair
of spindles/hubs in very good condition for sale.

Thanks in advance,

Steve Ramm

AeroSim Research                   Senior Engineer
31 Mallard Dr.                     Adapco Ltd.
Huntington, N.Y. 11743             Melville, N.Y. 11747

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