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FIAT (131?) info request

After checking through the archives I am writing with a request for 
info on a FIAT 2000cc twincam engine and 5 speed gearbox. 

They currently reside in a 2 seat hillclimb car, but my guess is that 
they originally came from a FIAT 131 saloon. I have a haynes workshop 
manual for the 132 saloon, but I would like to confirm.

a) Does anyone know the gearbox ratios for the 131 5 speed box, or is 
it the same as the early 132 5 speeder

b) How do you identify which 2000 twincams had unleaded compatible 
heads / valves.

If anyone has any guesses / hints / clues / references please.

Ivan Link
Leamington UK (now snowing)
Alfa 75 3.0V6
+ others

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