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Re: italian-cars-digest V7 #6


  i'm with james , what gives ? i fear the great server change of '97 has left
many behind .  there is something that has me puzzled concerning the difference
between the 1592 , 1756 , and , 2L heads . here is what i've observed , they
appear to be similar in intake port configuration , and , valve angle . the
combustion chamber is almost the same with the exception of the area surrounding
the exhaust valve . in comparing the chamber size using a 1592 head block as a
base line . other than it being of larger volume , achieved by increasing the
head thickness , i find few other differences . this observation included the
filling of one chamber in the 1592 head with oil , and , then filling a chamber
in the 2L head with the same amount . this leads me to believe that a 2L head can
be shaved to have almost the same volume as its earlier cousins . this in
conjunction with the revised area surrounding the exhaust valve , and , revised
port dimensions around the exhaust valve seat , leads me to believe that the 2L
head would be the ideal choice for squeezing out a few more horses .
 the idea would be shave off .042 "(or more) , add 43 mm intake valves , port ,
and , polish . it is my belief at this time , that the revisions to the area
surrounding the exhaust valves would make for a more efficient flow cycle .
 i'm sure somebody out there has put this theory to the test . as i don't have
access to a flow bench , and , this is one project i would hate to throw a ton of
money into , only to find it is a really good looking boat anchor . with little
or no increase in volumetric efficiency .

 best regards,
 randy mangum
 '71 124 coupe
 '77 scorpion

> Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 20:26:46 -0500
> From: James Seabolt <jseabolt@domain.elided>
> Subject: Digest format
> What's the deal with the ICD here lately? It's almost dead. It appears that
> it is just sent out whenever collects 10 messages or more.

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